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Choosing office furniture

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

In our showroom near Montreal, you will find office furniture products that are new or second-hand.

an office with a partition

Indeed, Concept Bureau can offer you for your office design projects in Montreal, Laval, Sainte-Thérèse or Blainville: desks, ergonomic chairs, adjustable tables, furniture that encourages collaboration, reception furniture or for any other work environment, as well as accessories and storage solutions.

How to choose your office furniture? Here are the factors to consider:

Office furniture is taking up more and more space in our daily lives. Additionally, we spend a large part of the day at work. So, you need spaces that promote well-being, concentration or openness.

What are the things you need to think about before purchasing new furniture or arranging your space? Here are some tips to consider:

a closed office with a bay window

Size: the desk and office space greatly influence the productivity of the individual. The purpose of a dedicated office is to provide suitable space for writing as well as processing information using computers or laptops. You also need to have sufficient storage space for supplies. It is therefore necessary, on the one hand, to provide sufficient and comfortable space for work while respecting the available layout space or the space you have reserved for it.

Sustainability: Durability is an important factor. The more you plan to use your desk, the more durable its construction should be. In case a desk is heavily used, steel furniture is recommended. They are becoming more and more popular since they are more durable than wooden furniture.

The finish: here are some factors to consider for the adequate lighting of your office furniture;

  1. A light, pale desk gives the appearance of space and cleanliness.

  2. The location of the workspace in relation to the light source.

  3. Furniture decoration.

the interior of an office

Storage: for a productive work office, you need to make a good choice in terms of storage solutions and shelves to store supplies. Indeed, these elements must not only be functional, they must also create a pleasant environment. Thus, for storage, you must choose shelving and solutions that facilitate their use while also being adaptable to other needs.

Chairs: chairs are the most important pieces of furniture from the worker's point of view since he or she sits most of the day in the office. A chair greatly influences posture at work and, therefore, affects health. The back of the chair should support the back and provide sufficient flexibility. It is also preferable that the backrest is adjustable in inclination.

the back of an ergonomic chair

Orientation: in our showroom, you will find standardized shapes of desks and chairs. It depends on the desktop, its shape and size, as well as branding and your preference. An L-shaped, U-shaped or corner desk provides more functionality for a smaller space. For a more refined appearance, place a desk directly behind a secretary desk and your chair can easily swivel from one to the other.

Office accessories: Once the office is in place, it is best to add suitable office furniture to be more productive. For example, if your usage requires a computer on your desk, look into integrated office power wire management solutions.

To facilitate your final decision, we can guide you. At Concept Bureau, we have advisors who can guide you in your choices. In addition, we also have a complete range of office furniture that you can see in our showroom. Find out more, call us and come meet us.

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