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intérieur d’une cabine acoustique


Do you want to minimize noise within your premises in order to enable your employees to concentrate fully on the assigned work? Concept Bureau offers you quality acoustic solutions for your offices. In Laval, our acoustic products help improve the acoustics in the work space while reducing ambient noise. Being aware of the negative impact of noise pollution on the concentration, productivity and well-being of employees, we offer you a range of products such as acoustic booths and acoustic panels designed to solve these problems.


Our selection of acoustic panels is aesthetically and acoustically advantageous. You can use the panels to create an innovative look to beautify the architecture of the office and the interior of the premises. In addition, with the panels, you have the possibility of creating a personalized configuration of the interior of your premises to meet the needs of your space in terms of noise reduction, while respecting the reality of your business layout.


If you are looking for quality acoustic solutions for your office, we are here to help you create a more productive, healthier and more pleasant working environment for everyone. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our products and services.

Une cabine acoustique dans un bureau
Acoustic Solutions for Your Offices
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