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Storage cabinet

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Looking for a storage cabinet.

Our range of storage is manufactured locally in Quebec by Artopex a company which has the manufacturing flexibility to respond to each client’s needs and expectations. In addition to their standard office furniture that meets the highest criteria for quality in the industry, they offer custom designed furniture to satisfy every office environment requirements.

des cassiers en métal

Thus, at Concept Bureau we offer office furniture and storage solutions to improve your workspace.

Not looking further, for practical reasons, such as easily find a file in work process or in a more comprehensive approach to optimize working environment.

des armoires en bois

Concept Bureau allows you to improve your working conditions and access the top ergonomics because we offer numerous storage designed to help you perfect your organization. Having your things at your fingertips with the metal pedestal units, storing your bills with metal filing cabinets or placing your documents with storage cabinets, thus our storage solutions are tailored to your needs.

With storage units of different shapes, and for different functions, you can meet all your needs, from storage files, to organize your daily tasks to the implementation of specialized filing systems and archives more elaborate.

Totally adapted storage units

Contact us either by phone or email and one of our assistants will arrange an appointment with an expert in office layout to analyze your needs and present in detail different types of office furniture and storage.

Office furniture with drawers, industrial shelving or entire bookcase? At Concept Bureau, we offer different types of office furniture and storage systems to create your workspace and be sure to find the right one (s) for your needs, depending on your activity and your priorities.

Do you need ideas and inspiration to develop your professional space? Let our office consultant’s help you select the storage units that best meet your business needs and create the right conditions for your workspace.

meubles de bureau ouvert

Save space and fight against noise

By introducing additional storage cabinets, you can redesign your workspace in a different way. In an open space, you can determine real visual separations and phonic partitions. You thus benefit from a better stability order-serenity, while taking into account the real problems of noise in the company.

Many colors available will allow you to achieve a custom fit that matches the brand of your business as well as to be certain that match your office storage within your current furniture.

To enhance your professional space, consider of well thought out storage cabinets to create breaks and modular spaces in your work environment. Concept Bureau offers you a maximum of possibilities, to allow you to develop a universe encouraging to concentration and calm. You gain in efficiency and serenity.

Concept Bureau solved the problems of development whatever the size of the company. Combine an ergonomic desk with the storage cabinets or make the choice of office shelving for more efficiency. Ask for our detailed catalogs, which respond to new ergonomic experiences in business, especially with acoustic storage.

Storage furniture: You have the choice

Glass, metal, with or without shelves of desks, doors and transparencies, a lacquered or metallic finish, you can choose the materials, textures, and finishes that best fit your desires and needs, according to your decoration and atmosphere set in your office space. And if you wish, you have the option to choose from many available tailored colors, which allows you to easily match your next storage unit to your current furniture.

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