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Renewing Your Office Furniture

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

With many years of experiences, Concept Bureau offers a wide range of products specially designed for the layout of your environment and workspace at home, in coworker space or in your company.

The choice of the office furniture is a step not to be taken lightly, especially during a new installation, a renewal of office furniture, the arrival of a new employee.

Digging more to understand how to create a creative and pleasant work space. In fact, while optimizing the available area and respecting the well- being of the employee, it is essential to organize the work space which promotes an atmosphere of work, healthy, practical than aesthetic. And also, it adapts to specific needs, related to the activity, the brand, teamwork, employee intersections and the exchange of tasks and ideas.

Below, we explain some tips for choosing the right office furniture that meets your needs.

aménagement de bureau

The choice of offices

The most asked questions to make a favorable decision are:

What is my available development space?

This will allow you to choose the shape and dimensions, while promoting circulation, lighting and exchanges between colleagues.

How many people should I equip? In a separate office or one opposite the other?

Because of modern materials from innovative technologies, there is a range of office furniture with a friendly and efficient design, providing solutions adapted to your needs.

With Concept Bureau,you have to choose in the shape, the style, the dimensions, the colors and also the price which adapts to your budgets.

The choice of office chairs and ergonomic chairs.

Jobs requirements? Standing or sitting?

What is the person’s sitting time?

Using the wrong chair for too long can cause back pain, poor blood circulation or other problems, so it is recommended, depending on your body type, to choose the right chair or that of your employees

For information;

  • Less than 5 hours, opt for a permanent contact office chair.

  • 5 hours, choose an office chair with tilting contact.

  • For more than 5 hours, opt for and ergonomic chair with synchronous contact.

Our range of ergonomic chairs consist of products selected from the best Canadian suppliers, for example Artopex.

Our teams of advisors specialized in being at your disposal to guide you in your decision, whether it is a benefit of the latest promotion or the choice of office furniture for a particular need.

The choice of office tables

How much space is available? In which workspace should the tables be installed?

Can I move them for a future arrangement or a change of layout?

Do the tasks to be performed require a height-adjustable table?

We have a full range of work tables in several forms, they can be fixed, folding or folding. They are ideal for teamwork, creating meeting rooms and saving work space.

The choice of office cabinets

tables de rangement

What is my workspace?

What is my use ? Do i need to secure documents, classify them, have a global view of content, etc.?

Does it have to match my work environment?

We offer metal cabinets with different heights, colors and door opening arrangements.

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