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Office Furniture: Do more, with less.

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Offices are changing too. Rising real estate costs, multi-generational staffing, and new ways of working influence the idea we have of the office “from the traditional workplace with its particular closed offices to more current hybrid spaces. Today’s integrated office ready-to-use landing points, collaborative areas and a la carte meeting rooms meet the diverse needs of the people who occupy them.

un bureau moderne

Our Office Furniture: Flexibility for tomorrow’s work.

The offices must be able to meet the demands of the multitude of tasks that are performed while enhancing the productivity and well-being of users. At Concept Bureau, Our tables, our desks and our system furniture system can be combined to arrange and it is easy to customize.

We can help you do more in less space, streamlining your costs without compromising performance, comfort and your design vision.

un bureau avec chaise et cloison

Common Space: Foster a sense of building relationships.

Reinvented spaces lead to particular challenges. It is necessary to think about managing the technology and the acoustics, to provide various degrees of intimacy and to create a feeling of comfort to the staff. The wide range of lounge, guest and meeting seating allows for comfortable and casual seating where people can meet, interact, work, or balance between intimacy and openness is achieved.

deux femmes au bureau

Give life to your ideas.

We can help you bring your ideas to life without compromising quality or sustainability. Our hands-on manufacturing approach allows us to modify and adapt standard products, create customized products and work with a wide range of materials and finishes at a cost and on a regular schedule. We offer a comprehensive guarantee and service and maintenance programs, thus protecting your long-term investment.

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