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Mute Box Offers Compact Booths With Optimal Acoustics

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Nowadays, when it comes to choice of office furniture, most companies prefer open work spaces because they are collaborative, promote the exchange of ideas between colleagues, generate more productivity by creating synergy between teams, etc. However, when working in such an environment, there are moments when a group of employees need to hold a meeting, a private conversation or are able to concentrate. This group will therefore need a more intimate and close space. While it is possible to arrange office furniture to close off an area, Artopex, a renowned manufacturing company in North America, offers compact cabins that can be integrated into most open spaces.

Mute box

Here are some features of the Artopex Mute Box booth:

  • It is offered in a variety of sizes for one person or a group of 2 to 4 colleagues.

  • The booth has an optimized ventilation with a powerful air flow with variable intensity control, an important advantage for the wellness of the users of the cabin.

  • The light in the booth is LED with variable intensity control.

  • The walls of this office furniture booth can be customized according to the space in which it will be integrated.

  • It includes multiple outlets to plug in your mobile and laptop.

  • Depending on the chosen layout, one of three screen configurations are possible.

  • A large selection of interior finishes that allow for designing a pleasing and comfortable space that will match the environment in which the booth is integrated.

More importantly, this office furniture booth is designed to improve privacy and wellness in open areas. ARTOPEX BROCHURE MUTE BOX DOWNLOAD

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