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How to choose your work chairs and sofas?

Office chairs and sofas are essential elements of a comfortable and productive workspace. As experts in creating living spaces and work environments since 1996, here are a few tips on how to choose the right chairs and sofas for your workspace, for yourself or your clients.

What are the advantages of work chairs and sofas?

There are many advantages to task chairs and couches, including:

  • Ergonomics. Office chairs and couches are designed to be comfortable, reducing fatigue and improving employee concentration. Multi-function settings ensure comfort and, by extension, productivity.

In harmony with workspace decor. Couches are an elegant design element that can help create an attractive workspace.

How to choose an armchair or a work couch?

When choosing an office chair or couch, it's important to consider the following factors:

  • Think about how much time you'll spend sitting in your chair or couch. If you work long hours, you'll need an ergonomic chair or couch that will support your back and spine.

  • Work chairs and sofas are available in a variety of styles. Choose a chair or couch that complements your workspace decor and is suitable for a variety of environments.

  • Choose a couch that's durable. Couches are used every day, so it's important to choose a sofa or armchair that's made from quality materials and can withstand daily use.

There are many different types of office chairs and sofas. You can choose your furniture according to its function, but take into account the use and size of the space.

A minimalist, classic armchair and sofa with a modern decor, perfect for reception areas. You'll find this style in our ML collection, as well as in our Eva Flow range, which defines elegance and purity.

Another creative way to embellish your reception areas is with geometric, flexible and unique pieces such as our Wind collection. Modular chairs are easy to attach and detach. Have fun with unlimited choices of configurations and layouts with our Element, Paver or Mayze wheeled seating collections.

Office spaces demand a simple, elegant and timeless design that also embodies the comfort necessary for successful negotiation. Our Jinx, Fjord and Citi collections perfectly embody the values of today's professionals.

Rest areas and waiting rooms need to be comfortable, welcoming and adapted to the activities employees want to do there. When designing a rest area at work, choose a central location for easy access and comfortable seating. Our Tulip and Jinx collections are ideal for this type of location.

Collaborative spaces or co-working areas can invite creativity with modular armchairs and sofas in an open workspace, such as our Elements collection, and or more formal privacy panels, such as our SC Lounge range.


Whether you choose an ergonomic, minimalist or modular sofa or chair, they are all essential furniture elements in any professional space. They help create a welcoming, comfortable space that's conducive to collaboration. Find the one that's right for you in our catalog.

For more information about our office products, you can visit our supplier's website,Perez Furniture.

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