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(2024 Guide) Everything you need to know about setting up shared workspaces

In recent years, shared workspaces, also known as coworking, have seen tremendous growth. Attracting entrepreneurs, freelancers and businesses of all sizes, these spaces offer a flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional offices.

When arranging your office space, many structures are possible. How can we encourage collaboration and functionality, while creating an environment that stimulates creativity and is characterized by sophisticated design? Concept Bureau has developed different architectural designs, customizable to meet your exact needs.

Why choose a shared space or open work areas? What are the advantages of a shared office?

Office partitions can play an important role in workspace ergonomics.

They can be used to create individual or semi-private workspaces. This can help reduce noise and distractions – acoustic partitions can effectively absorb noise – and therefore improve concentration. Partitions can define your work areas, such as collaboration areas, personal areas, and relaxation areas.

Shared workspaces also offer cost savings and more flexibility, allowing businesses to adapt to their changing needs without having to worry about long-term needs. These shared workspaces promote networking and collaboration between occupants, better productivity and well-being for its occupants.

What should you consider before setting up office stations in your professional space? Essentially, how to choose your shared workspace?

Setting up an open professional work space is a crucial step for the well-being and productivity of employees. It is important to take into account several factors before preparing the layout, such as:

  • The number of employees and their needs: How many employees will need workspace? What are their specific needs in terms of desk size, storage and access to natural light?

  • The type of work: What type of work will be done in the space? What types of zones will you need in the long term (collaboration zones, personal zones, relaxation zones)?

  • Budget: How much are you willing to spend on space planning?

  • Ergonomics: It is important to create an ergonomic workspace, with suitable furniture and to ensure that workstations are well arranged with stations and partitions.

  • Aesthetics.

Now that you've decided to go with an open plan layout for your business, answered the questions above and defined your needs, it's time to decide on the space furniture layout of your office space. shared work, the stations and partitions necessary to make your dream a reality!

Which work partitions should you choose for good ergonomics?

Panel or partition systems offer a flexible and modern solution for designing workspaces. Their modular design allows them to be configured and transformed according to needs, thus creating individual workspaces ("bubbles") that are dynamic and adapted to each person.

The different spaces that could benefit from shared office layout or furniture:

Brainstorming or co-working space

Setting up a brainstorming or co-working space with shared office furniture can offer many benefits to encourage creativity and collaboration. Modular furniture allows you to create different configurations according to needs.

TAKEOFF freestanding furniture pushes the limits of what is possible, with different degrees of privacy and numerous modular accessories, from mobile furniture and storage on casters, to green walls, to space dividers as well as collaborative stations.

Meeting room or video conference room

Modular furniture allows you to configure the space according to the needs of each meeting or videoconference. Movable partitions allow the room to be divided into several distinct spaces, thus offering the possibility of organizing meetings or creating individual work areas. Modern design and quality materials help create a pleasant working environment, and integrated solutions allow easy integration of the technologies needed for meetings.

The Axel tile system was designed to easily meet all needs: open workstation, shared space, acoustic meeting room, relaxation area, closed office, etc. Axel rightly suggests

innovative workstation configurations that naturally combine individual work with collaborative work. The integration of pavilions delimits the space simply by creating places of exchange.

Break Room or lunch area

Modular furniture helps maximize available space, creating distinct areas for eating, relaxing and collaborating. A well-appointed lunch area can help improve employee well-being by providing them with a comfortable place to relax and take their lunch break.

The stackable partitions from the EVOLVE Collection structure spaces without depending on neighboring walls. Textile, laminate, metal and glass, its modular partitions are robust and durable. Certified for their low level of emissions and thus contributing to better indoor air quality, the partitions are made from 82% recycled materials and are fully recyclable. The simple set of Evolve parts allows you to rethink and reconfigure as your needs evolve.

The Boulevard System 3 range lays the foundation for creating dynamic workplaces, spaces that evolve and adapt to the realities of today's workplace. System 3 structures the space to support individual work while facilitating interaction between people and between the spaces they share, during their lunch break for example.

Personal office space or double office

Concept Bureau's shared workspace furniture maximizes the use of available space by creating distinct areas for individual work and collaboration. This saves space and improves the organization of the workspace. Modular solutions make it possible to create tailor-made workspaces, adapted to the specific needs of each individual.

Many possibilities are available for designing private, semi-private or shared spaces thanks to the numerous ranges that Concept Bureau offers. Find your happiness among the AXEL, AIRLINE, TAKEOFF, EVOLVE, and BOULEVARD collections . Whatever the materials, technology, partitions, furniture, modular or not, all our ranges of workspaces present all the solutions to meet your needs.

Ready to find the collaborative workspace solution? Contact us today to explore our wide selection and find the perfect solution for your space and budget.

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