Réalisation salle d'attente

How do I create the perfect waiting room?

Choosing a piece of furniture in your office is like a puzzle: you have to give it a lot of thought. What is this office furniture for? Do you have enough space for this office furniture? How to adapt your choices according to use but also comfort and attractiveness? A good example of this is the waiting room. 

Assess your needs:

How do you orient the armchairs? On which side do you put the desk on? How do you get the most out of the room? All of this is decided on a case-by-case basis. First, make a plan of the room, before even deciding on the furniture, to estimate the space that can be dedicated to the furniture as well as the space that must remain empty. Second, do some calculations in advance to estimate the number of armchairs, chairs and desks that can fit in the reception area. Then, test the location of each piece of furniture on the plan to get a feel of what it might look like. 

Choose Your Office Furniture:

How can you use furniture to optimize the operation of a reception room and enhance it? Here are 6 key elements to consider when choosing your office furniture:

The room’s purpose: In the case of a waiting room, the idea will be to prioritize comfort before storage or work spaces.

Clients must above all feel welcomed in a welcoming but nonetheless professional atmosphere. A reception room should be warm while also reflecting your activity. There are many options that exist depending on the type of business or service offered: doctors can opt for a Zen atmosphere, pediatricians for a colorful room filled with toys, etc.

Think vertical: the walls are not only used to hang beautiful paintings, they can also be used to install a few shelves, a library of resources, plants. Often, offices or spaces are considered in their horizontality but less in their verticality.

Safety and quality: okay, there is furniture in kit relatively easy to assemble and sold at a ridiculous price. But this option is neither a guarantee of quality nor of security. When it comes to furnishing the waiting room or the reception area of ​​your own business, don’t take any risks: call a professional. At Concept Bureau, we advise our customers the furniture of Artopex

which is a supplier that designs and manufactures furniture for professionals like you. All their products are in total compliance with safety standards and come with a level of quality, customization and monitoring that you will not find anywhere else.

Already, Axel Artopex has won many design awards and offers a brand new collection of canvas systems for the design of open workspaces.

Ergonomics: the objective of ergonomics is to be able to best adapt to the working environment. It must be practical. We talk about office chair here, but it applies absolutely everywhere.    

Ideally, choose office furniture from the same range and from the same manufacturer. This way, you make sure that the dimensions of each piece of furniture have been designed for combined use.

Durability: whether in terms of quality of furniture or workmanship, sustainability is a win-win situation. Wooden furniture, for example, accompany you for a long time. In addition if it was also built using sustainable forest materials, it’s even better. Companies like Artopex believe that if the furniture was not made in a sustainable way, there would simply be no more wood left in the future to make furniture. 

And always remember to put yourself in the place of people waiting in a reception room. If you feel good in the room, chances are your patients or clients will too! Finally, nothing stops you from using the modularity of the furniture to be able to regularly change the layout of your room and make it evolve with your business! 

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