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How to choose your office furniture?

Choosing office furniture is always an essential element for a decent work environment.

Even if during the last two decimates, the way we work has changed radically. We remain dependent on office furniture that easily meets all the tasks to be done during a working day.

If we go back few years ago, it was said that to work properly, employee needs a comfortable chair, well-designed office furniture and good lighting.

Nowadays, with the evolution of the portable equipment, it is useless to specify that the arrangement of office is inherent to the well-being of the employees at work. On the other hand,, the majority of time they feel more productive when they have options allow them to move or work standing up.

Artopex-mobilier de bureau

Taking the case of the office furniture manufacturing company Artopex. To promote collaboration and exchanges between employees, Artopex offers the Axel system for open space design, workstation configurations that naturally combine individual work with collaborative work.

So, here’s  you will find some tips to make a pleasant work environment.

Office layout: A colorful and optimized space

The configuration of an office must be perfectly adapted to the space available while having a good ergonomics and a possible to change the position throughout the working day.

First, we must focus on bright spaces and optimize the layout of furniture to the maximum. For light, we always prefer natural light to artificial light and also think that the openings on the outside tend to enlarge the room.

Then, the chosen elements, such as; desks, arrangements, conference tables, dividers, etc. All must be customized to give your workspace a signature in full accordance with the brand of your company. At Concept Bureau, we take care to create user-friendly environments, sources of well-being for better work performance.

Finally, it is recommended to use height-adjustable desks and work standing up to break the sedentary work pattern for employees who spend most of the day sitting.

For example, the company Artopex recommends;

mobilier de bureau Artopex
  1. Pour les espaces de réunion debout, des tables hautes de types Bistro et des groupes classeurs avec dessus stratifié.
  2. Pour le poste de travaux debout partagés cela dans le but de permettre aux employés de changer de poste de travail lorsqu’ils sentent le besoin de changer leur position de travail.
  3. Poste de travail assis debout individuel sous forme des bureaux qui permettent de passer de la position assise à la position debout sans interrompre les taches produites.
  4. Table de types bistrot dans les salles de pauses afin d’offrir aux employés l’occasion de rester debout durant leurs périodes de pause.
  1. For standing meeting spaces, bistro high tables and filing cabinets with laminate top.
  2. For the shared standing tasks, this is to allow employees to change workstations when they feel the need to change their work position.
  3. Individual sit-up workstation in the form of desks that allow moving from sitting to standing without interrupting the stains produced.
  4. Bistro style table in break rooms to provide employees with the opportunity to stay upright during breaks.

With items that encourage employees to change work positions throughout the day. A standing seated workstation is among other things popular additions in office furniture. However, to provide employees with an ergonomic and productive work environment, at Concept Bureau we have adjustable tables with an electric mechanism. The majority of our adjustable tables contain a control keyboard, the adjustment of the height could be done without effort, allowing predefining the surface heights whether for sitting or standing work. This allows employees to easily move from one position to another without having to worry about its height.

En conclusion, on répondant à la question suivante; comment choisir votre mobilier de bureau ?

Certains paramètres sont essentiels dans le choix de l’équipement mobilier de l’entreprise : ergonomie, esthétique, fonctionnalité, modularité, et bien entendu le budget. C’est pourquoi chez Concept Bureau, nous vous proposons un large choix de mobilier de bureau contemporain, design et même sur mesure pouvant s’adapter à tout besoin.

In conclusion, to answer the following question; how to choose your office furniture?

Some parameters are essential in the company equipment furniture choice: ergonomics, aesthetics, functionality, modularity, and of course the budget. That’s why at Concept Bureau, in our showroom situated on the North Shore of Montreal, we offer a wide range of contemporary office furniture, design and even customized to suit your need.

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