How do I create the perfect waiting room?

Choosing a piece of furniture in your office is like a puzzle: you have to give it a lot of thought. What is this office furniture for? Do you have enough space for this office furniture? How to adapt your choices according to use but also comfort and attractiveness? A good example of this is the waiting room. 

Assess your needs:

How do you orient the armchairs? On which side do you put the desk on? How do you get the most out of the room? All of this is decided on a case-by-case basis. First, make a plan of the room, before even deciding on the furniture, to estimate the space that can be dedicated to the furniture as well as the space that must remain empty. Second, do some calculations in advance to estimate the number of armchairs, chairs and desks that can fit in the reception area. Then, test the location of each piece of furniture on the plan to get a feel of what it might look like. 

Choose Your Office Furniture:

How can you use furniture to optimize the operation of a reception room and enhance it? Here are 6 key elements to consider when choosing your office furniture:

The room’s purpose: In the case of a waiting room, the idea will be to prioritize comfort before storage or work spaces.

Clients must above all feel welcomed in a welcoming but nonetheless professional atmosphere. A reception room should be warm while also reflecting your activity. There are many options that exist depending on the type of business or service offered: doctors can opt for a Zen atmosphere, pediatricians for a colorful room filled with toys, etc.

Think vertical: the walls are not only used to hang beautiful paintings, they can also be used to install a few shelves, a library of resources, plants. Often, offices or spaces are considered in their horizontality but less in their verticality.

Safety and quality: okay, there is furniture in kit relatively easy to assemble and sold at a ridiculous price. But this option is neither a guarantee of quality nor of security. When it comes to furnishing the waiting room or the reception area of ​​your own business, don’t take any risks: call a professional. At Concept Bureau, we advise our customers the furniture of Artopex

which is a supplier that designs and manufactures furniture for professionals like you. All their products are in total compliance with safety standards and come with a level of quality, customization and monitoring that you will not find anywhere else.

Already, Axel Artopex has won many design awards and offers a brand new collection of canvas systems for the design of open workspaces.

Ergonomics: the objective of ergonomics is to be able to best adapt to the working environment. It must be practical. We talk about office chair here, but it applies absolutely everywhere.    

Ideally, choose office furniture from the same range and from the same manufacturer. This way, you make sure that the dimensions of each piece of furniture have been designed for combined use.

Durability: whether in terms of quality of furniture or workmanship, sustainability is a win-win situation. Wooden furniture, for example, accompany you for a long time. In addition if it was also built using sustainable forest materials, it’s even better. Companies like Artopex believe that if the furniture was not made in a sustainable way, there would simply be no more wood left in the future to make furniture. 

And always remember to put yourself in the place of people waiting in a reception room. If you feel good in the room, chances are your patients or clients will too! Finally, nothing stops you from using the modularity of the furniture to be able to regularly change the layout of your room and make it evolve with your business! 

Mute Box Offers Compact Booths With Optimal Acoustics

Nowadays, when it comes to choice of office furniture, most companies prefer open work spaces because they are collaborative, promote the exchange of ideas between colleagues, generate more productivity by creating synergy between teams, etc. However, when working in such an environment, there are moments when a group of employees need to hold a meeting, a private conversation or are able to concentrate. This group will therefore need a more intimate and close space. While it is possible to arrange office furniture to close off an area, Artopex, a renowned manufacturing company in North America, offers compact cabins that can be integrated into most open spaces.


Here are some features of the Artopex Mute Box booth:

  • It is offered in a variety of sizes for one person or a group of 2 to 4 colleagues.
  • The booth has an optimized ventilation with a powerful air flow with variable intensity control, an important advantage for the wellness of the users of the cabin.
  • The light in the booth is LED with variable intensity control.
  • The walls of this office furniture booth can be customized according to the space in which it will be integrated.
  • It includes multiple outlets to plug in your mobile and laptop.
  • Depending on the chosen layout, one of three screen configurations are possible.
  • A large selection of interior finishes that allow for designing a pleasing and comfortable space that will match the environment in which the booth is integrated.

More importantly, this office furniture booth is designed to improve privacy and wellness in open areas.

At Concept Bureau, our job is to help you.


Office Furniture: Do more, with less.

Like everything else, offices are changing too. Rising real estate costs, multi-generational staff and new ways of working influence the idea we have of the office. We have gone from the traditional workplace with its particular closed offices to the current hybrid spaces. Today’s offices must include ready-to-use landing points, collaborative areas and meeting rooms that meet the diverse needs of the people who occupy them.


Our Office Furniture: Flexibility for tomorrow’s work.

Office furniture must be able to meet the demands of the multitude of tasks that are performed while enhancing the productivity and well-being of users. At Concept Bureau,  Our tables, our desks 

and our furniture systems can be combined and are customizable. 

We can help you do more with less space, streamlining your costs without compromising performance, comfort and vision.



For Common Space: Foster a sense of building relationships.

Reinvented spaces lead to particular challenges. It is necessary to think about managing the technology and the acoustics, to provide various degrees of intimacy and to create a feeling of comfort for the staff  The wide range of lounge, guest and meeting seating  allows for comfortable and casual seating where people can meet, interact, work, and allows a balance between intimacy and openness.


Give life to your ideas.

We can help you bring your ideas to life without compromising quality or sustainability. Our hands-on manufacturing approach allows us to modify and adapt standard products, create customized products and work with a wide range of materials and finishes within a reasonable price and time frame. We offer a comprehensive guarantee and service as well as maintenance programs, which allow you to protect your long-term investment.

Renew office furniture


With many years of experience, Concept Bureau offers a wide range of products specially designed for the layout of your environment and workspace at home, in a coworking space or in your company. 

The choice of office furniture is a step that should not be taken lightly, especially when you are settling in a new space, renewing your office furniture or welcoming a new employee. 

It is important to create a creative, pleasant and productive work space while optimizing the available area and respecting the well-being of the employees. You want to organize the workspace in order to create a healthy environment that is both practical and aesthetic. It also has to adapt to the specific needs of your company, the brand, the team.

Below, we offer some tips for choosing the right office furniture that meets your needs.


The choice of offices


To make a good decision, you need to ask yourself the following questions: 

What is my available space?

This will allow you to choose the shape and dimensions while optimizing circulation, lighting and exchanges between colleagues. 

How many people should I equip? In a separate office or one opposite from one another?

Because of modern materials from innovative technologies, there is a range of office furniture with a friendly and efficient design, providing solutions adapted to your needs.

With Concept Bureau, you get to choose the shape, the style, the dimensions, the colors and also the price that best adapts to your budget and needs.

The choice of office chairs and ergonomic chairs.


What are the job requirements? Standing or sitting?

What is the person’s sitting time?

Using the wrong chair for too long can cause back pain, poor blood circulation or other problems. It is therefore recommended, depending on your body type, to choose the right chair.

For example:

Less than 5 hours, opt for a permanent contact office chair.

5 hours, choose an office chair with tilting contact.

For more than 5 hours, opt for and ergonomic chair with synchronous contact.

Our range of ergonomic chairs consist of products selected from the best Canadian suppliers, such as Artopex.

Our teams of advisors are there to guide you in your decision, whether it is to take advantage of the latest promotion or help you choose an office furniture to meet a particular need.

The choice of office tables


How much space is available? In which workspace will the tables be placed?

Can I move them for a future arrangement or a change of layout?

Do the tasks require a height-adjustable table?

We  have a full range of work tables in several shapes that can be fixed or folded. They are ideal for teamwork, creating meeting rooms and saving work space.


The choice of office cabinets

What is my workspace?

What is my use? Do I need to secure documents, classify them, have a global view of content, etc.?

Does it have to match my work environment?

We offer metal cabinets with different heights, colors and door opening arrangements.

How to choose your office furniture?

Choosing office furniture is an essential element for a decent work environment.

During the last two decades, the way we work has changed radically. One thing that hasn’t changed? We still need office furniture that easily allows all the tasks to be done during a working day.

If we go back few years ago, it was said that to work properly, employees needed a comfortable chair, a well-designed office furniture and good lighting.  

Nowadays, with the evolution of the portable equipment, it is needless to say that the arrangement of an office is vital to the well-being of the employees at work. On the other hand, the majority of time they feel more productive when they have options that allow them to move or work standing up.

Artopex-mobilier de bureau

Take for example the office furniture manufacturing company Artopex. To promote collaboration and exchanges between employees, Artopex offers the Axel system for open space design, which are workstation configurations that naturally combine individual work with collaborative work.

Here are a few tips to help you create a pleasant work environment.

Office layout: A colorful and optimized space

The configuration of an office must be perfectly adapted to the space available while having a good ergonomics and the possibility to change positions throughout the working day.

First, we must focus on bright spaces and optimize the layout of furniture to the maximum. For light, we always prefer natural light to artificial light and also think that the openings to the outside tend to make the room bigger.

Elements such as desks, arrangements, conference tables, dividers, etc., all must be customized to give your workspace a signature that is on brand for your company. At Concept Bureau, we make sure to create user-friendly environments that provide well-being and therefore increase work performance.

Finally, it is recommended to use height-adjustable desks and work standing up to break the sedentary work pattern for employees who spend most of the day sitting.



For example, the company Artopex recommends:

mobilier de bureau Artopex
  1. Standing meeting spaces with bistro high tables and filing cabinets with laminate top.
  2. Shared standing workstations that allow employees to change workstations when they feel the need to change their work position.
  3. Individual sit-up workstations in the form of desks that allow to change from sitting to standing positions without interrupting the tasks.
  4. Bistro-style tables in the break rooms to provide employees with the opportunity to remain standing up during their breaks.

There products therefore encourage employees to change work positions throughout the day. A standing seated workstation is another popular addition in office furniture. However, to provide employees with an ergonomic and productive work environment, at Concept Bureau we have adjustable tables with an electric mechanism. The majority of our adjustable tables contain a control keyboard so that the height adjustment can be done without effort, allowing predefined surface heights whether for sitting or standing. This allows employees to easily move from one position to another without having to worry about its height.

In conclusion, to answer the following question: how to choose your office furniture?

Some parameters are essential in the company equipment furniture choice: ergonomics, aesthetics, functionality, modularity and, of course, budget. That’s why in our showroom situated on the North Shore of Montreal, we offer a wide range of contemporary office furniture and designs that are customizable to fit your needs.

Storage cabinet

Looking for a storage cabinet?

Organization is an art form! Our range of storage cabinets is manufactured locally in Quebec by Artopex a company which has the manufacturing flexibility to fit each client’s needs and expectations. In addition to their standard office furniture that meet the highest quality standards in the industry, they offer custom designed furniture to satisfy every office environment.

 At Concept Bureau we offer office furniture and storage solutions to improve your workspace.




Not looking further, Keep everything at your fingertip! Stop wasting time looking for things and get more done.

Concept Bureau allows you to improve your work conditions and create an ergonomic workspace thanks to our numerous storage options designed to help you get organized. Having your things at your fingertips with the metal pedestal units, storing your bills with our metal filing cabinets or placing your documents in storage cabinets, all our storage solutions are tailored to your needs.



With storage units of different shapes and for different functions, you can meet all your needs, from storage files, to organize your daily tasks to more elaborate filing and archiving systems.

Totally adapted storage units

Contact us either by phone or email and one of our assistants will arrange an appointment with an expert in office layouts to analyze your needs and present you, in detail, different types of office furniture and storage solutions.


Office furniture with drawers, industrial shelving or entire bookcase? At Concept Bureau, we offer different types of office furniture and storage systems to create your workspace and be sure to find the right one (s) to fit your needs, depending on your activity and your priorities.

Looking for ideas and inspiration to develop your professional space? Let our office consultants help you select the storage units that best meet your business needs and create the right conditions for your workspace.

Save space and fight against noise

By introducing additional storage cabinets, you can redesign your workspace in a different way. In an open space, you can create real visual separations and phonic partitions. You therefore benefit from a better balance of order-serenity, while taking into account the real acoustic problems in the company.

There are many colours available that will allow you to fit the brand of your company while also matching your office storage with your current furniture. 



To enhance your professional space, consider using well thought-out storage cabinets to break up the space and create modular areas in your work environment. Concept Bureau offers you a maximum of possibilities to allow you to develop a space that promotes concentration and calm. This will allow you to gain in efficiency and serenity.


At Concept Bureau we find solutions to all your design issues, no matter the size of your company. Combine an ergonomic desk with the storage cabinets or choose office shelving for more efficiency. Ask for our detailed catalogs, which respond to new ergonomic experiences in business, especially with acoustic storage.

Storage furniture: You have the choice

Glass, metal, with or without shelves of desks, doors and transparencies, a lacquered or metallic finish, you can choose the materials, textures, and finishes that best fit your desires and needs, according to your decoration and atmosphere set in your office space. And if you wish, you have the option to choose from many available tailored colors, which allows you to easily match your next storage unit to your current furniture.

How do you choose an ergonomic chair?

An ergonomic chair is a key element for your office or workstation. There are several styles and functions depending on your needs and preferences. At Concept Bureau, you will find your ideal office chair at an affordable price!

Questions you need to ask yourself before buying an ergonomic chair for your office:

  1. Which type of office chair is best for my work or my profession?

Generally, all office chairs are adequate for most working environments. However, you can find chairs that are better designed to suit your particular needs. 

  1. Which office chair is ideal for me, according to my physical characteristics?

You need to choose the right seat size in order to maximize your comfort and productivity. It is also important to have adjustable arms and a lumbar support that supports your back.

  1. How many hours a day do I sit on my chair?

A multifunctional chair is ideal for regular work shifts. On the other hand, if you frequently work more than 8 hours a day, you should think about choosing a heavy-duty office chair. It is built for an intensive usage and offers more support for longer days.

  1. What are the different mechanism functions on an office chair?

— Height adjustment — Tilt tension adjustment — Sliding seats (front and back) — Height adjustment and tilt of the back

  1. What is the durability of the chairs and what are the warranties?

We have chairs made in China and in Canada. Canadian-made office chairs are of higher quality with a 5 to 10-year guarantee, depending on the manufacturer.

  1. What is the look that I am looking for?

At Concept Bureau, you have the ability to personalize your chair. Not only is your chair practical, but also aesthetically pleasing with your preferred colours and textures.

  1. What is my budget?

First of all, an office desk is an investment for a better work performance. It is not necessary to choose the most expensive chair to be comfortable. Our advisors are there to help you meet all your needs and find the most affordable solution. 

You should also ask yourself;

Do I have back pain or other discomfort?

Your chair is part of your well-being at the office. To avoid harmful consequences on your health, it is equally important to keep a good sitting position while working.

Why an adjustable table?

The adjustable tables at Concept bureau offert the possibility of going from sitting to standing without interrupting your work. 

Working in a standing position has advantages on our well-being at the office.

  • Stimulation of our brain and our concentration
  • Increase of our attention and our productivity
  • We have more energy throughout the day
  • Improves our posture
  • We burn more calories while standing

The consequences of a prolonged seating position:

  • Slow blood circulation and oxygen to the brain
  • Slow blood circulation to various organs
  • Increased insulin production and diseases
  • Difficulty keeping our back straight because of our relaxed muscles
  • Tension on our shoulder muscles 
  • Accumulation of blood around our ankles -> swelling or clottin
  • Knee pain
  • Our heart rate and calorie consumptions go down

Our height adjustable tables are adaptable for all types of users.

We have electric height adjustable tables with memory function key pads. There are many possibilities, whether it’s the size, the materials, the color and if you need manual or electrical settings or even an angle-adjustable desk.

An adjustable table is a better alternative to your well-being!