Table de travail ajustable

Why an adjustable table?

The adjustable tables at Concept bureau offert the possibility of going from sitting to standing without interrupting your work. 

Working in a standing position has advantages on our well-being at the office.

  • Stimulation of our brain and our concentration
  • Increase of our attention and our productivity
  • We have more energy throughout the day
  • Improves our posture
  • We burn more calories while standing

The consequences of a prolonged seating position:

  • Slow blood circulation and oxygen to the brain
  • Slow blood circulation to various organs
  • Increased insulin production and diseases
  • Difficulty keeping our back straight because of our relaxed muscles
  • Tension on our shoulder muscles 
  • Accumulation of blood around our ankles -> swelling or clottin
  • Knee pain
  • Our heart rate and calorie consumptions go down

Our height adjustable tables are adaptable for all types of users.

We have electric height adjustable tables with memory function key pads. There are many possibilities, whether it’s the size, the materials, the color and if you need manual or electrical settings or even an angle-adjustable desk.

An adjustable table is a better alternative to your well-being!

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